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Regains/Mayfield information post/permissions/contact

Contact, here

Mother - 
Father - Ice King
Sister - Elizabeth

- Kunai
- Grenades
- Mask
- Outfit
- Automail 
- Chi sensing

Deaths: None. 

Dronings: None
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: California; -8. Pacific Standard Time.

Posting/Hijacking/Thread-Dropping/Hopping: I'll never drop a thread without notification, so if I forget just nudge me! Thread Hi-Jacking is perfectly lovely by me, as long as it's not filtered or anything. In fact, I love it. Love it. If you're unsure; ASK.

Comfort Levels: I'm fine with whatever.

Concrit/OOC issues: Have any advice or criticism? Please post in the How's My Driving Post. I would love it if I got guidance/tips. If you have an OOC issue with me, please message me right away! I don't think I'd intentionally cause something, so I'd love it if we sorted it out immediately.

Hugging this character?: She'll throw you off her

Giving this character a kiss?: She'll cut off your face

Badtouching: Good way to lose your limbs

Lovers: Requires huge plotting. She is ambiguously Ling sexual.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Yep! Go ahead.

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Nope, everything's good!

Can I Hack Her Journal?: If you're skilled, but I'll put a notice up.

Can She Hack My Journal?: No.

Fourth Wall Breakage: Why not!

Maim/Murder/Death: Maiming, all right even if it is permanent. Death is pretty good too - she's going to die often, I assume.

Blood: Sure!