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[ Phone ]

[ A voice quickly comes onto the telephone ]

My name is Lan Fan and, the drones suspicions from my arrival are correct. I am a communist.

[ She sounds rather adamant about this. Like it's the real thing. Lan Fan then explains what she thinks a communist is ]

I am a bodyguard for the Prince of Xing, Ling Yao. I aid him in any way he wishes and support his battles for the throne. I will not succumb to Mayfield's prejudice. If you desire to catch me, I live at 1669 Nelson Street.

[ She quickly hangs up.  ]

[ Action - 1669 Nelson Street ]

[ You'll see a girl silently watching from the roof top or just standing on the lawn. She has every damn knife in the kitchen in her hands or scattered around in a close arrangement. There's also a box of fireworks and some matches. If we haven't reached the pinnacle of what the hell value yet, she'll be adorned with

What the fuck do you do? ]
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 [ A - 1669 Nelson Street ] 

[ Hello, Mayfield! Guess which one of your not!daughters woke up here for the very first time this morning? Yep! This bundle of sunshine otherwise known as Lan Fan. She also was able to find the kitchen knives so, you may awaken to a young girl wielding them and pointing them towards you in a very hostile fashion, but don't worry! All she wants to do is talk. 

P.S. She's willing to kill when it comes to the prince and his safety, and people who play games with her, especially in this state of paranoia, aren't exempt. Just ask the now bleeding and possibly deceased drones! ]

Where am I?

[ B - Your house! ]

[ After the beautiful failure that was known as her waking in Mayfield, she'll be attempting to find Ling for his safety! She's still not sure on the nature of this place, so she won't be screaming Ling's name out loud. However, she'll be running around and observing the best way she knows how - by hopping onto the roofs, street lights and street posts. Those of you outdoors can notice her standing on various items looking down at you, and those of you indoors may notice the sound of rapid footsteps stomping on your roof only to suddenly stop. If you go out to see what the hell is on your roof, you'll just see a very youngish girl staring off into the town, as if she's trying to find something. ]

[ C - Bodine Fashion ]

[ Lan Fan just had to get out of this skirt and blouse, right now. So that's why she's searching for new clothes to wear! But, unfortunately, to the dismay of many drones that pass by giving her "hints", she's in the boy's section. Between the harping from the drones and the general weariness and confusion, Lan Fan will begin to sift through the men's clothes. The last thing she needs right now is someone else bothering her and trying to make her shop in the ladies section, so please, feel free to do so! ]

[ D - Phone ]

[ The phone picks up and a very shaky and nervous breath is audible. Lan Fan never used one of these phone things before, and public speaking is never her strength. Eventually, her conviction breaks her shyness. One stern, and clearly female voice erupts from the other line ]

Return me to the prince at once or suffer the consequences.


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